How to stop noise complaints in a hotel.

Do you manage a hotel and fed up of processing refunds for noise complaints? Twister Print have the answer.

So let’s set the scene…it’s time the majority of your guests settle down for the night, ready to get some rest before their busy following days, whatever they may have planned. But just as your guests finally shut their eyes, as they turn the hotel TV off, they hear talking…loud talking, laughter, banging. They lay there, 10 minutes turn into 30 before they finally say enough is enough. You receive a call to reception, the same as you do most evenings and apologise to the customer and tell them you will try to sort it out. You knock on the noisy guests door and ask them to quieten down… but they don’t. A second visit an hour later still hasn’t stopped the music, laughter and chatter. You look on the system to see where you can move the unhappy guests to when you see you are fully booked.

You know it’s coming, it happens most weekend mornings…negative reviews, bad feedback, refund requests. 

But how can you prevent this from happening day after day, week after week?

Here at Twister Print we offer a solution to help reduce noise pollution in your hotel, office or home. We have a variety of different acoustic panels available to customise with any design or image you wish. 



Noise reduction wall and ceiling panels for hotels, offices and homes.


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Acoustic Panels

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