Acoustic Wall Art

Acoustic Art Panels, perfect for hotels and restaurants.

Do you own a hotel or bed and breakfast? Are you looking to minimise your noise complaints? Then look no further than our acoustic wall art panels. Specially designed to help reduce noise! Hang them like any other panel or wall art and away you go! The best bit is, these acoustic wall art panels can be printed with any design you like. Whether you are looking for some original art to be printed onto the acoustic wall panels or if you are looking for something to suit your hotel’s theme, anything is possible.

They are both decorative and functional and available to order from just one piece if you want to try before you kit your whole hotel out with them!

Here at Twister Print we also offer a wider range of acoustic panels, perfect for hotels or offices. We offer acoustic desk dividers that can be branded with your company’s logo, we have freestanding acoustic room dividers as well as acoustic ceiling panels.

Acoustic & Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

With our acoustic panels, you can create your own custom wall art with any image, colour or photo you wish. The finished printed look of the panel has endless design possibilities, including:

a) Your own photos – supply your own high resolution photos to be printed onto the acoustic panels

b) Your branding – supply your own logo or corporate messages to be printed onto the acoustic panels (vector of your logo would be best as it will be the highest quality but if you need help with this, please get in touch!)

c) Stock images – if you’re looking for something specific, you can search through hundreds and thousands of images from our stock library. Whether you are looking for a photo of a dog with a party hat on or an autumnal landscape, we can find something to suit!

d) Solid colour – we can colour match to compliment your decor. 

Please ensure your images have a big enough file size/resolution for your acoustic panel size – but don’t worry too much about this if you are unsure, our team are here to help!

We have square, rectangular and hexagonal acoustic sound absorbing panels available.